Dutchess County honors veterans all year long.

Activities and events that commemorate veterans can be found on Dutchess Tourism’s Calendar of Events. You can watch the video produced by the Dutchess County Historical Society about the 2018 Year of the Veteran in Dutchess County here:

Below are some Dutchess County places you can visit to commemorate the heroes who served our nation.

S = Seasonal attraction or activity
SE = Open during scheduled events

Mount Gulian Historic Site
145 Sterling Street, Beacon
The Society of the Cincinnati was organized in 1783, at Mount Gulian by Continental officers who fought in the American Revolution, including patriot General Baron Von Steuben, who was headquartered at Mount Gulian. The Society was the first veterans’ fraternal organization established in the United States and its original purpose was to facilitate fellowship, friendship and recognition for officer war veterans of the Continental Army. George Washington was the Society's President General from 1783 until his death in 1799. Today, the Society supports educational, cultural, and literary activities, promoting the ideals of liberty, heritage and constitutional government. (845) 831-8172.

Millbrook Tribute Gardens & Playground
21 St Joseph’s Drive, Millbrook
In 1919, Mr. & Mrs. Oakleigh B. Thorne donated 6 acres to the Village of Millbrook as a living memorial to all veterans from the town who served in World War I. A native tree was planted in commemoration of each veteran. The playground is dedicated to the children of the village, whose freedom our veterans fought for. Plaques mounted at the entrance and top of the grounds honor those who served in WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars.

Soldiers’ Memorial Fountain
Corner of Market & Montgomery Streets, Poughkeepsie
Dedicated July 4, 1870, this 20' high by 45' diameter cast iron, two-basin white fountain stands as a memorial to Dutchess County soldiers who fought in the Civil War. On the National Register of Historic Places, Soldiers’ Fountain is a rare surviving example of Janes, Beebe & Company’s “Model No. 5” cast iron fountain. The No. 5 was copied from a French design exhibited in 1851 at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London. Poughkeepsie’s fountain is one of four known examples of the No. 5. In 1858, the City of Savannah, Georgia, purchased what appears to be the first as an adornment for its famous Forsyth Park.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
4079 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park
Numerous interactives, audio‐visual theaters, and rarely seen artifacts convey the dramatic story of the Roosevelt era. Galleries include immersive Fireside Chat experiences allowing visitors to listen to chats and then readings of actual letters -- representing a variety of opinions -- to hear how Americans felt about the president’s leadership during the Depression and World War II. Another highlight is the 500 square foot Map Room exhibit which recreates FDR’s secret White House Map Room. The display features large interactive screens with animated troop movements during the invasion on D-Day. Visitors can also follow along with interactive flatscreen maps to understand the importance and context of FDR's strategies for our soldiers, including his four sons. (800) FDR-VISIT.