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Meet the First Runner to Register for the Dutchess County Classic

Scenic views, a new course, and the return of the full marathon – this year’s Dutchess County Classic is going to be one to remember! With registration rolling in, we noticed our first runner to register resides in Arizona. We decided to find out why he chose to race in Dutchess County and learn more about him. Meet Tod Lashway!

Where are you from? 

Born and raised in Lagrange, NY!

Where do you live now?


What brought you to Arizona?

I was an Arlington High School grad, and after high school I left to continue my education in Arizona.

What made you stay?

I fell in love with the scenic views, however I do still visit Dutchess County frequently to visit family that is still living there.

When did you start running?

I started running about 7 years ago as a way to lose weight and stay in shape, certainly enjoying the effect it has my overall health. When I started racing, I found it such a thrill!

Tell us a little bit more about racing.

I’ve ran the three Walkway half marathons prior to this year and really missed that it wasn’t held last year. I’m excited to return. The Dutchess County Classic will be the 6th half marathon I plan to run in 2019. The photo to the right is from January’s Arizona Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Tempe, AZ.

What makes you most excited about the race?

Returning to Dutchess and seeing the new layout and course – looking forward to September!


Did Tod inspire you to race? For more information about the Dutchess County Classic and to register, visit:




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