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May Featured Photographer: Maureen Gates from Sharp Images Photographic

Publish Date: 2020-05-14

What is your name and where can people find your work?

My name is Maureen Gates. You can find my work at SharpImagesPhotographic.com or @SharpImagesPhotographic on Facebook and @SharpImagesPhoto on Instagram.



Describe your perfect staycation in Dutchess or your idea of a fun weekend in the County.

A great day trip in Dutchess County would start with breakfast on an outdoor patio in Rhinebeck. Followed by a walk up Burger Hill to enjoy the view. Taking the back roads for a drive out to Millerton to browse through some antique shops. Stopping along the way if I see any photo worthy views or barns. Enjoy lunch and tea tasting at Harney & Sons then head to Stissing Mountain for a hike. Soak in the amazing views from the fire tower and take photos along the way. Back to Rhinecliff in time for a sunset  over the Hudson. (more photos) Finish the day meeting up with some friends for drinks and dinner at one of the wonderful restaurants in Rhinebeck.


What equipment do you use for your photography?


I use Canon equipment. Most often a Mark III. A variety of lenses from wide angle to telephoto with some prime lenses too. One of my favorite lenses is my 100 mm macro.  



What is your favorite place to photograph in Dutchess County and Why?


Vanderbilt Mansion and surrounding property. The Vanderbilt offers many hiking trails along the river and up and down hills. Magnificent river views with gorgeous greens in the summer and spectacular fall foliage to enjoy. A highlight is the rose garden and flower gardens with a reflecting pool. The Vanderbilt property offers architecture, woods, trails , river views and more giving a variety of views and flowers to photograph.



Do you have somewhere on your list that you want to photograph in Dutchess, but haven't gotten there yet?


I would like to explore the Pawling Nature Reserve. I have never been there and it sounds like it has a variety of things to offer. Flowers, birds and hiking trails would make a perfect day.



Can you give us a few photography tips?


Slow down and take a minute or two to compose your photo in the viewfinder before clicking the shutter. Photography is all about angles and light direction. Walk around the person or object you are photographing and see how the light changes on your subject. A different angle may make the photo look completely different. Practice being observant and really seeing the beauty of the world around you.




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