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August Featured Photographer: Chasing NY

Publish Date: 2020-07-28

What is your name and where can people find your work?

Hello all, we are chasing_ny on Instagram and Daniela and Justin in real life.

Describe your perfect staycation in Dutchess, or your idea of a fun weekend in the County.


Start your day by having breakfast at Beacon Bread Company in Beacon. While arriving at the park at the beginning of main street and walking down visiting shops as you pass, you will not regret it.

Now, it should be around lunchtime, so keep on walking down main street or drive to the end, to dine at The Roundhouse. This location is really popular so, arrive early to get the best seats including one by a waterfall! Okay, now it is time to burn those calories! Book a kayak tour or ferry tour to Bannerman’s Castle; a 1901 castle on Pollepel Island which occasionally has music or plays! Beacon was fun but Dutchess has way more to offer! So, hop in your car and set your GPS to Ready Coffee in Wappingers. As you are driving, take 9D to pass by some really impressive architecture and a 1700’s farm known as Stony Kill Farm. As you enter the village of Wappingers, you will see more late architecture, Grinnell Library, and Mesier Park. Ready Coffee is just a short distance now. If you're still hungry, head to Poughkeepsie for one of the best sandwiches in the Hudson Valley at Rossi's! Choose to do take-out and take that to the Locust Grove Estate, for a quick picnic. If you thought the previous places were fascinating and impressive, you are in for a ride. A ride back in time because now you are going to Hyde Park. You have a selection of gilded age mansions like the Vanderbilt mansion, FDR Home, Mills Mansion, and ending in Rhinebeck the Wilderstein estate. Let’s grab dinner in a historic church turned restaurant called Terrapin (one of our favorites). Now, walk across the street to Upstate Films for a late-night movie. This theatre is cash-only and previews classic, indie, and foreign movies. You had a long day, now it’s time to rest. Choose Wing’s Castle to sleep in, it is only fitting to what you experienced today.


Wake up from the castle and take a short drive to an available parking spot by Bennett’s College, an abandoned all-girl school that you can view and walk alongside the fencing. Now let’s lighten up the mood with breakfast at Bread Alone Bakery. After that meal let's head to our next destination, the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome uses antique planes for air shows and flights you can board. We cannot end summer without ice cream! Holy cow ice cream will not let you down but do bring cash! We cannot forget to mention nor build an itinerary in Dutchess without mentioning our favorite hikes! For a short hike head to Dover Stone Church or for a longer hike head back to Beacon to take the challenge at Breakneck, both are really sublime! Food time, let’s head to Baja 328 in Beacon, for a quick lunch which features some locally sourced food. Another long day and it is time to relax at Long Dock Park in Beacon. After you're replenished, walk up main street or drive up to the Hudson Valley Food Hall, which has an eclectic array of foods to choose from. A great place in the area to sleep at would be the newly built Beacon Hotel or The Roundhouse. 


Wake up and head to Glazed Over Donuts for a build-your-own donut. Then, head to the DIA:Beacon, a contemporary art museum, to get lost in. Today is a day to take home some mementos of your magical yet historical stop in Dutchess County. You can do this by visiting one of the many antique shops which are spread throughout the county. Just make sure you save some time to go apple picking at Meadowbrook Farm or Fishkill Farm! Lunchtime should be right around this time, so you can head to Aroma Osteria for a delightful Italian meal in a lovely restaurant. Back to Poughkeepsie we go, for some bubble tea at Tea Talk and to cross the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world, the Walkway over the Hudson! To conclude our trip to Dutchess County, we are going to stop at a craft brewery that offers some delicious choices and meals! MillHouse Brewing Company is a local favorite and their drinks are featured in many local restaurants menus.

What equipment do you use in your photography? 

We have a Canon 5d mark lll with a 24-70mm L series lens

What is your favorite place to photograph in Dutchess and why? 

This is a great question. There are a handful of amazing places in the county but the mansions along Route 9 are the best bang for your buck. They offer majestic views of the Valley and impressive architecture for days!

Do you have somewhere on your list that you want to photograph in Dutchess, but haven’t gotten there yet? 

Bannerman Castle is one of those places I have yet to step foot. I would love to attend a play there and when I have a chance, I will be there!

Give us a few photography tips:

Arrive early, if there is a crowd wait for your shot, in most cases you are constantly on the go and setting manual settings is fun but not practical so, instead set to aperture mode. If taking a picture of architecture; make sure you are on a public sidewalk and not on their property. The biggest tip is the following: DO NOT DO IT FOR THE GRAM, any risky shot is not worth it.





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