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Top 10 Dutchess-made Specialty Food Products

Dutchess is home to many local food producers to satisfy every craving, from the sweet to the savory and spicy. You can shop their products locally while you're in Dutchess, or order online to have a taste of Dutchess delivered to your door! Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Drink More Good

Put the fizz back in your beverage with hand-crafted soda syrups from Drink More Good in Beacon, NY. Made from locally sourced and organic ingredients, these concentrates offer a healthier alternative to soda beverages by skipping the high fructose corn syrup and containing 30-50 percent less sugar. Not really a soda-drinker? Try out one their tea and tisane concentrates. Test out your mixology skills and craft the coolest cocktail with any of the delicious syrups and bitters. You can also shop their cocktail sets that have everything you'll need to begin bartending or to accessorize your mini bar. Shop Drink More Good products here. 

2. Hudson Valley Marshmallow Co.

Next time you’re by campfire or even just in your kitchen, create your custom s’more delight with handmade and all-natural treats from Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company in Beacon, NY. Choose from their many “yummy, squishy, fresh” gourmet marshmallows, including unique flavors like Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chip, and French Toast! Finish off your s’more with any of their delightfully crisp graham crackers available in chocolate chip cookie, chocolate or cinnamon sugar. Pair your warm and gooey treat with any of their hot chocolate flavors. Build your own basket of goodies or shop from their curated baskets which makes a perfect gift for all ages! Shop Hudson Valley Marshmallow Co products here.  

3. Soukup Farm

Arrive at maple heaven when you taste the pure New York maple syrup from Soukup Farm in Dover Plains, NY. This third generation family-owned farm produces pure maple syrups and carries a creative selection of maple products like coffee-infused maple syrup, maple mustard, and maple hot sauce. Experience more of Dutchess County when you try the Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup that has been aged in Denning’s Point Distillery Bourbon Barrels. If you’re craving classic flavors, choose from their glass bottled syrups in 4 grades. Shop Soukup Farm Maple products here. 

4. Wholey Oats

Made out of a mission to offer a whole food product with amazing ingredients at a fair price, Wholey Oats & Granola Bars creates “Simply the Good Stuff.” Enjoy a variety of granola mixes containing whole grain oats, organic seed and nuts with just the right amount of “clean” sugars for breakfast, lunch, or simply a snack. If you are always on the go, try their granola bars in tasty flavors like Apple Walnut, Chocolate Coconut and more. Granola options for gluten free diets are also available. Shop Wholey Oats products online here. 

 5. Papa’s Best Batch

When in Dutchess County, be sure to visit Papa’s Best Batch Smokehouse Airstream Trailer on Greig Farm in Red Hook, NY. Ranked as the Best BBQ restaurant in Dutchess on Yelp, Papas’ Best Batch is best known for its flavorful, rustic, gourmet “sammiches”. You won’t want to leave without trying (and then taking some for the road) Papa’s marinated and hand smoked pistachios and almonds. Made with delicious flavors like Roasted Garlic, Chipotle Lime & Pumpkin Spice, each batch is cooked over local applewood on the beautiful Greig Farm. If your savory palette is looking for even more flavor, try Papa’s beef jerkys that are soaked overnight in creative marinades for optimal goodness! Shop Papa’s Best Batch products here

6. HV Cold Pressed Oils

After a day of basking in the Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils sunflower farm in Pleasant Valley, NY don’t forget to browse through their collection of farmmade items! This family owned & operated company grows and produces cold pressed sunflower oil on their farm. By choosing to cold press their oils, they preserve the integrity and health benefits gained from sunflower oil. You can easily cook, bake or deep fry with their Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, or drizzle a bit of Truffle Sunflower Oil over your pasta, veggies and even pizza! Your skin can also reap the benefits of sunflower oil with their sugar scrubs made with pure sugar cane. For those who have a gluten free diet, try the sunflower flour or gluten-free brownie mixes for a sweet treat! Shop Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils products here

7. Alps Sweet Shop 

Don’t miss a chance to taste over 98 years of chocolate heritage from the Alps Sweet Shop in Beacon, NY. A chocolate lover’s dream, their fresh chocolates and confections are made with natural ingredients using time honored recipes. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their assortment of chocolate covered treats, creamy belgium fudge, liqueur flavored truffles and oh so much more! If you’re looking for something more artisanal, try their signature Heaven and Earth Truffle made with a blend of three dark chocolates, fresh local cream and rolled in ultra fine cocoa powder. Shop Alps Sweet Shop products here. 

8. Irving Farm Coffee

Sip on authentic New York coffee that was originally roasted in a small carriage house at Irving Farm in Millerton, NY. Named the Best Coffee by New York Magazine, their house blends are known for their balance and sweetness, resulting in approachable, delicious coffees. Every season they carefully curate their roast, highlighting seasonal flavors. Try the deep spiced and smoky edge of their Organic Hudson French Roast, or for any cold-brew lover, taste the smooth molasses tones in their Cold Brew Blend. While their deliciously authentic New York coffee has grown popular across Manhattan, Irving Farm has stayed true to their hometown roots by still roasting in Dutchess County! Shop Irving Coffee here. 

9. Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Experience the pleasant aromas and tastes of distinctive tea blends from Harney & Sons in Millerton, NY. From citrusy sweet flavors to pleasingly pale bitterness, choose from over 300 varieties of tea bags, loose tea, bottled beverages, matcha and more! In warmer weather, enjoy iced tea made from their Ice Tea Pouches, and enjoy loose leaf tea in every season, with over 200 blends to choose from! Their remarkable array of teas are sourced from the finest tea gardens around the world. Shop Harney & Son’s products here. 

10. Horseshoe Hot Sauce

Invigorate your taste buds with handcrafted Horseshoe Hot Sauce, proudly made in the Hudson Valley. Take any barbeque to the next level by adding the distinctive tang and brimming flavor of their Original Sauce or if you’re craving a sweeter bite try their Maple or Peach Hot Sauce. Think you can handle a stronger piquant? Give the fiery concoction of the hottest peppers in the world, XXXXTra Hot Sauce a try! Shop Horseshoe Hot Sauce products here.

*To the best of our knowledge, this information is correct as of publish date.

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