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June Featured Photographer : Brian Hogaboom

Publish Date: 2020-06-15

What is your name and where can people find your work?

My name is Brian Hogaboom and I am a local photographer from the Poughkeepsie area. I post many of my photos on The Hudson Valley in Pictures Facebook page as well as my personal page on Facebook. In addition, you can follow me on Instagram: @bhogaboomphoto. 

Describe your perfect staycation in Dutchess, or your idea of a fun weekend in the County.

There are so many wonderful things to do and see in Dutchess County. You just have to go out there and explore. Right now my favorite thing to do is to jump in the car with my wife and dog and drive around all the back roads to see what catches my eye. Old barns always fascinate me. At some point along the way, I would have to stop at the Millbrook Winery for some wine and a charcuterie plate to take in the beautiful views from the balcony. After a quick pit stop, it's back to hitting the road again to explore. A perfect ending to the day would be dinner at the Nic L Inn Wine Cellar & Bistro in Poughkeepsie followed by after-dinner drinks at any of my favorite local establishments: 1915 Wine Cellar, Zeus Brewing, or Mill House Brewing Co. It’s always a bonus if they have live music that night. 

What equipment do you use in your photography? 

I shoot with a Canon 80D. I always have in my bag the following lenses, 10-18, 18-135, and 50mm. In addition, I use the Lee Filter System (6-stop and 10-stop). 

What is your favorite place to photograph in Dutchess and why? 

Dutchess County is loaded with great scenery but my favorite place to photograph is down by the Poughkeepsie waterfront during sunset and cloudy days. I am usually down there 2-3 days a week photographing The Walkway Over the Hudson and the Mid-Hudson Bridge. There are just so many interesting compositions to photograph no matter where you position yourself along the river. 

Do you have somewhere on your list that you want to photograph in Dutchess, but haven’t gotten there yet? 

One spot that is on my list to photograph is the Boardwalk through the Great Swamp out in Pawling. I’ve seen so many great photos from there. I also want to get up to the Hudson Valley Balloon Festival in Rhinebeck. 

Give us a few photography tips:

  1. Learn your camera inside and out. Read the manual, watch videos, etc. Once you are able to get off auto mode and shoot in manual, aperture priority, or shutter priority, you will have more control over your photography.
  2. The composition is key. Read up on what makes a picture great: the rule of thirds, leading lines, reflections, etc. and go and practice them. There are plenty of videos online to learn from. Reverse engineer photos you enjoy looking at to learn why they are great photographs. 
  3. It’s okay to edit and process your photos to bring out their dynamic range. Adobe Lightroom is great. Once again, watch videos, and don’t be afraid to go back and reprocess an old photo with new techniques learned. Remember though to shoot in RAW format. 
  4.  Most importantly go out and shoot. Return to places over and over again until you get that one shot you love.  





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