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Awards of Distinction Finalist Spotlight: History

Publish Date: 2020-04-14

Our Dutchess Tourism Awards of Distinction may have been postponed due to the current pandemic, but that's not stopping us from recognizing our amazing finalists! Each week, learn more about them, what inspires them, how they are doing during this time, and what they are looking forward to in the future. We're kicking things off with our History Award of Distinction Finalist group!

What about your business / organization is inspiring to you?

Dutchess County Historic Tavern Trail: Connecting with people's passion for local history.

Elmendorph Inn / Historic Red Hook: We have an enthusiastic, multi-disciplinary board which enables us to produce programs and events showcasing Red Hook's unmatched historic sites, family farms and vibrant small town culture. 

Mount Gulian Historic Site: Mount Gulian's mission inspires me. Museums encourage people to be life-long learners. I am fortunate to work at an historic site and museum that's a great venue for people to learn about American history, Dutchess County history, and democracy. When school groups and the general public visit we're excited to tell them about the amazing people who lived and worked at the site and the events that occurred here. Mount Gulian is a microcosm of American history.

How is your business / organization handling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Dutchess County Historic Tavern Trail: We have canceled our spring series and in touch with our partners about the possibility of event dates in the late summer and fall.

Elmendorph Inn / Historic Red Hook: Through social media, we have deliberately upped our online presence to engage people "staying in place" with innovative items of multi-generational interest, such as scavenger hunts featuring our archival photos,  "then-and-now" virtual tours of Red Hook, short video portraits of farmers and community leaders, and a "History-at-Home" website page of suggested activities. 

Mount Gulian Historic Site: We're optimistic that at the proper time Mount Gulian will open to the public. Currently, we've postponed Opening Day, our special events and tours. Staff is working remotely and we check on the site regularly. We're actively engaged on social media, reaching out to our members and the public. 

What are your hopes for the future of travel in Dutchess County?

Dutchess County Historic Tavern Trail: We hope that travelers will continue to visit Dutchess County and enjoy learning about our long and storied past.

Elmendorph Inn / Historic Red Hook: We are focused on helping to expand agri-tourism in Dutchess County by promoting Red Hook's reputation as the heart of agriculture in the Hudson Valley, with an unmatched network of visitor attractions, including pick-your-own family farms, excellent restaurants and beautiful landscapes. Along the way, we hope visitors will explore the history of the area and visit the many well-known and lesser-known historic sites that tell the story of the Hudson Valley.

Mount Gulian Historic Site: The future is bright! There's going to be pent up demand by the public to travel and visit destination locations like Dutchess County once the "all clear" is given.  





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