Haunted History Trail in the Hudson Valley

From the great spirits invoked by early Native American tribes, to the first Dutch settlers who carefully avoided haunted places, New York has harbored centuries of spooky events that simply can't be explained. All of this awaits you on the HAUNTED HISTORY TRAIL.

What will scare you the most? Spending the night in a haunted castle? An unexpected voice or touch when no one is there? Touring a cemetery as shadows waver in the torchlight?

The trail offers serious ghost hunting locations that cater to investigative teams, as well as seasonal ghostly-themed events for the paranormal-curious. Muster your courage if you want to participate - alone or with friends!

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Bannerman Castle Trust Inc, The

Majestic ruin along the banks of the Hudson River, mystery surrounds this castle built by Frank Bannerman VI in the early 1900s to house his collection of military artifacts. Located on the island of Pollepel,...

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Miss Fannys Victorian Party House

Miss Fanny’s is a three-story farmhouse, circa-1860-70, named after the last of the Van Wyck family who lived there. The current owners share the space with spirits who have made their presence known...

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St. James' Episcopal Church

ALL NEW HISTORICAL CHARACTERS --- Six new characters will entertain and enlighten you: one of St. James' early priests, who found his true calling in later missionary work; a noted psychologist...

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