Friday, Jul 31st , 2020

2:00 pm - 12:00 am


$12 per attendee, limited to 15 people per tour


'T' Space Rhinebeck
58 Round Lake Road
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

ArtistsAntnGarca-AbriandDboraMesawill present an exhibition walk-through of their lastest work Ca'n Terra. Architecture of the Earth. Join them for an initimate discussion and look behind-the-scenes. Attendance is limited to 15 persons per session. Virtual tours are offered July 31 & August 14.

Purchase tickets for July 31 tour here.

Purchase tickets for August 14 tour here.

More about the exhibit: Ensamble Studio’s Antn Garca-Abril andDbora Mesapresent a virtual reality exhibition commissioned by 'T' Space of their latest work onCa'n Terra. Architecture of the Earthtransforms an abandoned quarry in Menorca to make imaginative architectures about reading space, recycling landscape and quarrying light rather than building from ground up. The architects propose "a trip to the interior being of matter, and recognize the freedom with which it gives us spaces to live."